new collection

Model 1006
F last, museum calf plum
Model 5300
S last, museum calf gold
Model 5200
S last, bordeaux calf
Model 5100
F last, museum calf brown
Model 1058
U last, museum calf plum
Model 5150
F last, antic cognac calf
From time to time we extend our collection to offer our customers new models, a wider range of colors and leathers as well as up to date accessories. We combine the durabilty from our hand-held technology with the new design impulses, but our most important criteria stays the same: we always maintain the high quality of our products. Special orders only.

The Vass story

The founder and leader of Vass Shoes, Mr. László Vass started his own business in 1978. Belonging to a generation of shoemakers who were brave and energetic enough to go back to the roots of their craft, Mr. Vass has revived a rich, old tradition, giving the art of shoemaking new impetus in a new age. The main objective of Vass Shoes is to make ready-to-wear or bespoke handcrafted shoes of different style, fashion that are the most comfortable, elegant and enduring. In our workshop we use the same kind of tools that shoemakers used many centuries ago, performing hundreds of meticulous operations, with great attention.

Thanks to the uncompromising approach where excellence is a must, our customers arrive from all over the world in order to buy from our range of excellent quality hand-made shoes.

Bespoke shoes

On demand, we also manufacture bespoke shoes in our shop. During the last century, a hand-made shoe that perfectly fitted its wearer – that met the highest quality standards, therefore lasted for decades if treated suitably with shoe tree and repaired regularly – used to be a natural clothing item of a decent man. Today, its exclusivity and luxury is emphasized, although this traditional shoe made carefully after measurement may be worn for many years, as opposed to big-volume shoes that always change according to trends of fashion.

We prepare the bespoke shoe within six weeks from the measurement process, after which we inform our Customer and invite him to our shop to put on his first pair of bespoke shoe.

how to order mto shoes

1. Your size

Giving the exact size of your feet is a step of great importance. If you already own MTO shoes from other shoemakers, please let us know for maximum accuracy.

2. Choose Your Last

We work with ten different last types. From square to round toe, from wide to slim you can choose the one that fits you best and matches your style.

3. Select Your Model

You can choose from a wide selection of classic and stylish Vass shoe models. If you are not sure which one you like the most or would fit you the best, contact us – we are happy to help you.

4. Leather and colour

We offer a variety of colours of calf leather, scotchgrain, suede and shell cordovan. Caiman and ostrich leather are also available upon request. The choice is yours.

5. Select Your Sole

Choose the one that suits your lifestyle: single or double leather sole, double leather sole tapering to single, Vibram or Dainite rubber soles.

6. Payment and Delivery

Vass Shoes accepts a variety of payment options, including cash, bank transfer, credit and debit cards. Your shoes can be fetched in our shop or can be delivered to you by FedEx.