About us

Our shop is located in the heart of Budapest’s city centre, under No. 2, Haris köz. Our customers arrive from all over the world in order to buy from our range of excellent quality hand-made shoes. László Vass, the founder and leader of our shop and workshop, belongs to a generation of shoemakers who were brave and energetic enough to go back to the roots of their craft and revive a rich, old tradition, giving the art of shoemaking new impetus in a new age. His daughter, Éva Vass contributes to the success of the enterprise with her extensive commercial knowledge and excellent command of languages in keeping in contact with our export partners, so that our exclusive original handmade shoes may be purchased in many countries.

Our main objective is to make ready-to-wear or bespoke shoes of different style, fashion that are the most comfortable, elegant and enduring. In our workshop we use the same kind of tools that shoemakers used many centuries ago, performing hundreds of meticulous operations, with great attention. High quality 1,5 mm thick leather is cut with sharp knives, perforations and patterns are made with unique precision. The upper part, which is sewn together from several parts, is stretched on the last using wooden pegs and nails and special hammers.

How to order mto shoes

On this page you can view the parameters that can help us to get a clearer picture of your requirements
when ordering your ultimate fit, high quality, hand-made Vass shoes.