Vass Shoes

Vass Shoes

Fully handcrafted shoes for gentlemen

Beautiful handmade Ready-to-Wear and Made-to-Order shoes from Budapest


A traditional shoemaker family

Vass Shoes - Vass László

What does Vass Shoes represent? In our opinion, it represents the re-thinking of the traditions in a new word changing faster than ever before.

Already for more than four decades, using exclusively traditional technologies, we are working on making only such shoes to our customers, which transcending the quickly changing fashion trends serve the comfort and satisfaction of the person wearing them.

László Vass, the founder leader of Vass Shoes, founded his enterprise in 1978. By the revival of the rich traditions of the profession, he gave a new impetus to the art of shoemaking in a new age.

Our shoes are made from the finest calfskin, horse leather, and different exotic leathers by careful craft in our Budapest workshop where we prepare our shoes using special shoemaker tools and hundreds of meticulous operations. The handmade, perfectly fitting shoes prepared in the Vass workshop meet the highest quality requirements. In case of circumspect shoe care, careful use of shoe tree and repair in due time, it can serve its wearer for decades. More about us »


Traditional methods | Finest materials | Handmade | Hungarian

Vass Shoes manufactures handcrafted footwear exclusively. Starting from the selection of calf, cordovan or exotic skins sourced from the best tanneries to the polishing of already finished shoes, each activity in the production process is performed through the work of careful and attentive craftsmen.

A period of about 6-7 weeks is necessary for us to manufacture custom-made shoes while our main objective is to ensure that the products created in our workshop can serve their owners over many years.

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