About Vass Shoes

In our opinion, it represents the re-thinking of the traditions in a new word changing faster than ever before. Already for more than four decades, using exclusively traditional technologies, we are working on making only such shoes to our customers, which transcending the quickly changing fashion trends serve the comfort and satisfaction of the person wearing them. László Vass, the founder leader of Vass Shoes, founded his enterprise in 1978. By the revival of the rich traditions of the profession, he gave a new impetus to the art of shoemaking in a new age.

Our shoes are made from the finest calfskin, horse leather, and different exotic leathers by careful craft in our Budapest workshop where we prepare our shoes using special shoemaker tools and hundreds of meticulous operations. The handmade, perfectly fitting shoes prepared in the Vass workshop meet the highest quality requirements. In case of circumspect shoe care, careful use of shoe tree and repair in due time, it can serve its wearer for decades.

Our customers can choose from three possibilities when wanting to buy Vass shoes: In our Budapest shop or our web-shop they can find a broad range of ready shoes which they can buy immediately from sizes of 39 to 47, in and-a-half numbers, as well. In case of custom demand, we offer our Made-to-Order (MTO) service. When ordering the shoes in the frame of this service, our customers can individually decide about all the features of their shoes including the form of the last, the design and color of the shoes, type of sole and stitch. In our shops, experienced colleagues assist the ordering process by their advices.

Additionally, on vass-shoes.com you can find all the aspects that can help you create a unique pair of shoes. You can us this information in the form of an e-mail order. If required, in our shops we also prepare shoes made-to-measure. We offer our Made-toMeasure (MTM) service to those who for any reason cannot find the perfectly fitting pair among our ready-to-wear collection or in the MTO selection. The taking of measurement happens in our shops according to a pre-agreed time. The required made to measure shoes are ready within six weeks, then we inform the customer to come to try his first made-to-measure shoes and to jointly check the result of our work. We preserve the measurements and the prepared last registered to the customer’s name making possible the ordering of new shoes later on.