Colors & Leathers

We source our leathers from renowned French and Italian tanneries as we consider leather is one of the most important elements in making quality men’s shoes. High quality leather gives comfort, softness and guarantees longevity.
We offer four different types of leather: the timeless and classic boxcalf in various colours, museum calf with its wonderful antique marble effect, the soft and fresh suede calfskin and scotchgrain with its easy-going casual look.

Cognac Calf

Antique Cognac Calf

Brown Calf

Bordeaux Calf

Blue Calf

Black Calf

Gold Museum Calf

Walnut Museum Calf

Brown Museum Calf

Bordeaux Museum Calf

Blue museum Calf

Green Museum Calf

Grey Museum Calf

Light Cognac Scotchgrain

Cognac Scotchgrain

Antique Cognac Scotchgrain

Brown Scotchgrain

Bordeaux Scotchgrain

Blue Scotchgrain

Green Scotchgrain

Black Scotchgrain

Deer Brown Suede

Dark Brown Suede

Bordeaux Suede

Blue Suede

Black Suede