Vass Shoes Craftmanship


SINCE 1978

Vass Shoes manufactures handcrafted footwear exclusively. Starting from the selection of calf, cordovan or exotic skins sourced from the best tanneries to the polishing of already finished shoes, each activity in the production process is performed through the work of careful and attentive craftsmen.

A period of about 6-7 weeks is necessary for us to manufacture custom-made shoes while our main objective is to ensure that the products created in our workshop can serve their owners over many years.

We wholeheartedly recommend to you also our ready-to-wear collection as these pieces of footwear had undergone the same meticulous and careful working processes before they were displayed on the shelves of our shops.

Manual shoe-making has not changed much over the past centuries. The craftsmen of the Vass workshop shape the shoes in their hands in a way that they apply the same operations as their predecessors did several years ago. Even today what shoemakers like most is to work with tools prepared by them and adapted and fitted to their own hands.