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The Supplier is entitled to treat the data of the Customer for identification purposes in connection with the Order of Products marketed for online shopping, respectively the modifications thereof, deliveries and the tracking of the deliveries, invoicing, satisfying claims relating to them and keeping contact with the Customers under the link “Online Shopping” on web page The necessary data for the identification and payment are the followings: personal identification data, purchase identification, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and data relating to the purchase, specifically to the date and the place of the purchase respectively further personal data that are required for carrying out the delivery technically. (hereinafter referred to as “Data”) In addition, the Supplier can store Data for promotional reasons based on the options available on Web page

According to the Supplier the registration is the condition for the purchase by which the personal data of the Customer are obtained by the Supplier, however, the supplying of Data is volunteer in each case.

The Supplier shall cancel the Data upon the termination of the purpose of data processing or the expiration of the deadline of data storage stipulated by the relevant law respectively upon the Customer’s request.

Upon cancelling the registration of the Customer the recorded data are also cancelled. Nevertheless, they may be stored temporarily on backup files.

In case of payment by bank card the protection of personal Data is of paramount importance for the Supplier. The Data supplied by the Customer in the process of payment by bank card or transfer shall not be stored by the Supplier anyway.

The Supplier shall guarantee the safety of the Data and take all possible technical and organizing measures to protect them from unauthorized access, modifications, data forwarding/fishing, publication, cancellation as well as accidental cancellation and harm.

The Supplier makes the treated Data available for any third Party only and exclusively with the consent of the relevant person or on a legal regulation. The Supplier uses the Data specifically for identification, keeping contact with the Customer and for the completion of purchases. The Supplier is entitled to disclose the Data of the Customer to partners and contractual partners such as Fedex that provide services to the Supplier on the territory of the European Economic Area or within the place of delivery. The Supplier pays attention to that the Data based on the consent of the Customer is forwarded exclusively to partners carrying out the services and processing the Data with utmost confidentiality.

The relevant Customer may correct his/her data or require the Supplier to correct his/her data he/she cannot correct. The Customer may require the cancellation or closure of his/her personal data except for the compulsory data processing. The Customer may require information on the processing of his/her personal data. Upon request the Supplier shall inform the relevant Customer within a reasonable time, but maximum 30 days on the state and purposes of the stored data, the possible addressees; upon written request it corrects, closes or cancels the Data within a reasonable time but maximum 30 days in accordance with the regulations of Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and informational freedom.

In case of complaint the relevant Customers can contact the Supplier directly that will do its utmost to terminate or remedy the possible default.

For the fast and fair customer management and the completion of purchase the Supplier shall apply electronic data process.


Registration number of data processing: NAIH 97062 és NAIH 97063

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